A film about the Love of Nature, and the Nature of Love

Over 60 years, Charlie and Lois O’Brien traveled to more than 67 countries, quietly amassing the world’s largest private insect collection, and entomological game-changer of 1.25 million specimens. The two renowned, married entomologists now grapple with the advancement of the Parkinson’s disease that afflicts Charlie. But Charlie and Lois know they need to keep fighting for the value of scientific knowledge, so they turn to their insects for a little help.

This humorous and poignant documentary explores the Love of Nature and the Nature of Love – and what it means to devote oneself to both…

“But the documentary is about more than insects. It’s about love: Love of science, love of research, love of one another. It’s a sweet glimpse into an illustrious dual career…”

 The Washington Post

“An endearing story about a husband and a wife…”

— Entomology Today

“A moving portrayal about the ‘love of nature’ and the ‘nature of love’.”


“A gentle, humorous take on an octogenarian couple, their love of nature and unstinting commitment to the study of insects.”

— The Week

The Love Bugs Chat

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The Love Bugs’ co-director Allison Otto, star Lois O’Brien, and entomologist Nico Franz chat with Jess Search, the chief executive of Doc Society.

The Love Bugs’ co-director Allison Otto and composer Mark Crawford chat with Gordon Quinn, the founder of Kartemquin Films.

The Love Bugs’ co-director Allison Otto and illustrator Jenny Nichols sit down with Lisa Leeman.

The Love Bugs co-directors Allison Otto and Maria Clinton sit down with Mickey Duzdevich to discuss their award winning film.

Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions leads this conversation with the documentary filmmakers behind “Dick Johnson is Dead” (Kirsten Johnson), “Stray” (Elizabeth Lo), and “The Love Bugs” (Allison Otto).